Dr Alberto Pertusa, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Alberto Pertusa

Consultant Psychiatrist, General Psychiatry, Addictions, OCD and Hoarding Specialist

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • Doctor of Medicine (LMS)
  • Specialist Associate member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych)
  • Accredited Adult Psychiatrist, GMC Specialist Register
  • PhD, Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital, King’s College London (2010)
  • Masters in Science (MSc), Affective Neuroscience (Anxiety, Depression and related disorders), Maastricht University, Netherlands
  • Masters in Science (MSc), Research Methodology in Health Sciences (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Section 12 approved & Approved Clinician status
  • Honorary Researcher at the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma (CADAT), South London and Maudsley Trust (SLaM) since 2015

My professional experience:

Experience treating Outpatients

I have worked in an NHS Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) treating a wide range of mental health problems. I have also worked in Private Practice (outpatient setting) extensively since 2008.

Experience in Acute Hospital Admissions

After completing my training as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Barcelona, Spain, I obtained significant experience in working in a Hospital setting treating a wide range of acute psychiatric conditions such as depression, psychosis, eating disorders and bipolar disorder.

Experience in Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder & Schizo-Affective Disorder

I have been the Lead Consultant for Cambian Churchill Hospital (London) for 4 years (2012-2016), where I have developed expertise in treating patients on an informal basis as well as detained under the Mental Health Act, often with Personality Disorder and Addictions (alcohol or other substances).

I have significant experience in the management of treatment-resistant psychosis using medications such as Clozapine and Depot antipsychotics.

Experience in Addictions

I have worked at several Clinics specialising in drug and alcohol detox and recovery. I have also provided outpatient follow up for individuals with alcohol and other substance misuse problems.

Experience in Severe OCD

I worked in the National OCD Unit (Barcelona, Spain), for nearly 4 years (inpatient and outpatient).

Experience in Hoarding Disorder (Compulsive Hoarding)

I am a Leading expert in the field of Hoarding and have published numerous scientific articles in the field of Hoarding and OCD. My PhD was instrumental in the conceptualisation of Hoarding Disorder as an independent disorder, separate from OCD.

My personal statement:

My approach to Mental Health

I have a biological and cognitive-behavioural approach to Mental Health. This means I see mental health problems emerging from a combination of factors including biology, genetics, upbringing, lifestyle, psychological tendencies and our environment. I believe in promoting a healthy style of living and providing psycho-education as a way to help the person understand and be better able to deal with their psychological, emotional or mental health problems.

My approach to Medication

I have extensive experience in using medication to treat mental health problems. However, in most cases I also explore other options, including psycho-education, talking therapy or lifestyle changes (among others) before considering starting a new medication. I endeavour to empower my patients to be part of the decision-making process regarding the best medication and treatment plan, by discussing the various options including any potential side effects of the medications I suggest.

Additional information about my research, publications and interests:

I completed my PhD thesis at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, in 2010.

I have published over 25 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed publications as well as book chapters.

I have been the Research & Development Lead for Cambian Healthcare since 2013 (I am currently Honorary Deputy Research Lead).

I am an Honorary Researcher at the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma (CADAT) at the Maudsley Hospital, where I collaborate in clinical work and research projects.

I am an Associate Editor of the Spanish Journal of Psychology, edited by Cambridge University Press. I am also an independent reviewer for several scientific journals.

I have undertaken specific training in Expert report writing for the Court and in the assessment under the Mental Capacity Act 2005. I have been instructed to prepare reports for the Court regularly during the last six years.

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