Patient Satisfaction & Feedback

98% of Nightingale Hospital patients would recommend us to their friends and family

Patient satisfaction at Nightingale Hospital, acute mental health

Patient Satisfaction

95% of our patients have rated their experience as excellent or good.

  • 95% of patients feel they addressed the key issues that brought them to the hospital.
  • 95% of patients feel they are leaving the hospital with tools to improve their life.
  • 95% of patients are satisfied with the arrangements made for their on-going care after discharge.
  • 98% of patients would recommend Nightingale to their family and friends.

Treatment completion

Nightingale Hospital has a 98.4% treatment completion rate across all inpatient services in 2017 to date.

Patient Feedback

Clinical outcomes are measured using established and externally validated methods. All patients will be subject to HoNOS and CORE; in addition to specialist and particular measures of effectiveness utilised by our specialist therapy staff.

We seek patient input and feedback in order to identify gaps in our services and to inform future provision. Let us know your thoughts. Please feel free to call us on 020 7535 7700 and ask for Marketing or complete our feedback form below. We value your opinion.

Feedback form

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