Corporate referral pathways

By establishing a corporate referral pathway with Nightingale Hospital, organisations can swiftly access our trusted mental health team. This includes an extensive network of consultant psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, and other mental health professionals.

We know from experience that there are times when human resources, an on-site GP, or occupational health physician can be faced with an employee in crisis and in need of emergency mental health treatment. This can be a hugely worrying time for all involved, with employee safety and welfare at the top of everyone’s priority.

Nightingale Hospital’s corporate referral pathways can incorporate a pre-agreed plan for emergency referrals. As well as providing an organisation with great reassurance, by having a pathway in place, organisations can avoid ‘doctor-shopping’ whenever a crisis may arise.

Our experienced hospital client and liaison team work closely with your organisation including your HR and employee well-being department, as well as any other relevant external partners; to ensure your employee receives the most appropriate treatment for their situation.

With a trusted team of over 50 consultant psychiatrists and over 100 therapists, we’re able to provide leading support via:

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