Therapists at Nightingale Hospital

Nightingale Hospital London has over 90 therapists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists offering a comprehensive range of therapeutic interventions.

Therapy Services Department

With the extensive expertise and experience within the Therapy Services Department, each referral can be matched with the most appropriate therapist. This is to establish successful patient/therapist partnerships and achieve the most effective therapeutic relationships. We work with every individual to understand their particular needs and then recommend an appropriate course of therapies in a tailored care plan. Our therapy treatments have clearly defined goals and aim to empower patients with various techniques that they can put into practice in their everyday lives.

Accredited therapists

All our therapists are registered and/or accredited with one or more of the organisations below.

All comply with individual association standards and undergo strict recruitment and supervision procedures.

All of our therapists are listed below, for help selecting the appropriate therapist for you please use the filter tool below, alternatively call our Patient Services Team on 020 7535 7732 for more advice.

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