Art Therapy

Art therapy allows people to highlight and process emotions and express their creativity

Art therapy is part of mental health treatment programme at Nightingale Hospital

Art Therapy

The purpose of art therapy is to create personal pictorial expression rather than producing aesthetically accomplished pictures. Whether participated in as part of a group or individually, art psychotherapy is a valuable tool in creating a tangible record of the stages along an individual’s path to change.

Art Therapy at Nightingale Hospital

Art therapy is available at Nightingale Hospital in London, in an individual or group setting as part of an outpatient, day patient or inpatient programme.

Art Therapy programme

Each session a theme is selected based on the individuals needs or the consensus of the group. Individuals then work on their themed artwork in any of a range of media such as painting, drawing or sculpture. The final part of the sessions involves discussion, reflection and sharing with the therapist and or group. No artistic skills are required and members work in our recently refurbished art studio.

Accessing Art Therapy

Art Therapy has supported many individuals suffering from the mental health conditions below or if you need advice on art therapy or an art therapy specialist, contact us.

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Typical duration of treatment: Assessment completed and plan agreed with patient

Price range: £139 per group

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