Mental health workshops and events with Nightingale Hospital

1 in 6 adults suffers from a common mental disorder in any one week.* (Mind)

For this reason, it’s vital that businesses invest in mental health workshops and events to support their staff, and educate those in managerial positions.

Workshops and events, tailored to your business needs

Nightingale Hospital can deliver workshops and events for businesses.

The content of these events can be customised for any industry sector (for example, legal, banking, media, and IT) which may be subject to industry-specific pressures and stressors. Sessions can also be used to explore unique organisational issues.

Workshops can also be designed for any audience. These can be tailored for managerial or HR departments, or employees generally. Sessions and events can be delivered via online video platforms such as Zoom, or in small to large face-to-face group settings once COVID-19 restrictions permit.

These sessions are an excellent way to encourage dialogue and a greater understanding of common mental health problems such as:

Personal life events, such as divorce or the loss of a loved one, can have a significant impact on individuals and can be especially difficult for those with a pre-existing mental health condition. Similarly, changes within the professional environment, (for example business restructuring and adapting to new roles and expectations) can be exceptionally stressful. The hospital can facilitate sessions that focus on ways for individuals to develop greater resilience in managing change and their responses to anxiety-provoking situations.

Mental health training for your business

Nightingale Hospital is also able to deliver psycho-educational sessions for management and HR teams, allowing businesses to understand more about general mental health conditions, including addictions and eating disorders. Through these, organisations will learn and understand issues that many employees may be reluctant to discuss. Through executive mental health coaching,  managers and HR departments can feel more confident when talking with employees about their mental health difficulties; as well as being able to spot the signs and patterns of some serious mental health conditions.

Sessions for human resources and management can also explore potential treatment solutions to support their employees, for example via non-medication and medication routes.