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Welcome to Nightingale Hospital

Nightingale Hospital is the only independent, accredited acute mental health hospital in Central London, with over 25 years experience. The hospital is home to a dedicated team of specialists that are committed to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental health issues, including eating disorders and addictions, for adults and adolescents.

Nightingale’s multidisciplinary team of highly qualified consultant psychiatrists, therapists and nurses are leaders in their fields of expertise and allow the hospital to deliver evidence-based treatments through outpatient, day patient and inpatient programmes to suit each individual’s needs.

Our approach

In our confidential and safe environment we provide tailored mental health treatment programmes for our patients, underpinned by the understanding that every person is unique and faces their own challenges. Our approaches embody respect, empathy and commitment towards our patients and our care plans are practical, evidence-based and goal-orientated, designed to enable recovery, relapse-prevention and self-care. We are committed to protecting the rights and dignity of all patients and we work with our patients in partnership.

Our journey

This central London location has been a hospital since 1902 and the origin of its name lies in Florence Nightingale, a lady who revolutionised the medical profession by marrying high clinical standards to compassionate care. The hospital first became a Mental Health provider in 1987 and was called Bupa Nightingale.

In 1999 Capio Group, a European healthcare provider offering a diverse range of care bought the hospital and thus we became Capio Nightingale Hospital.

In 2014, Group Sinoué purchased the hospital, and it became known as Nightingale Hospital. Groupe Sinoué has eight private mental health hospitals in France, delivering the full spectrum of psychiatric care and whose core values, culture and expertise are akin to that of Nightingale Hospital.

Our values

Nightingale hospital strives to provide excellent mental health care in a safe and welcoming environment. Our core values are always at the heart of the treatment our multidisciplinary team provides to patients.


Core Values - Website Version

Nightingale Misson Statement - Website version

Why Nightingale Hospital?

Confidentiality is paramount

Everyone working at the hospital, regardless of their role, understands and respects the importance of confidentiality to patients. Privacy and discretion are essential components in the way we deliver mental health treatment.

Leading mental health professionals

Nightingale Hospital has some of the country’s leading Consultant Psychiatrists and Therapists offering a wealth of clinical expertise and experience.

Accredited by BACP

Nightingale Hospital was the first acute mental health hospital to have been formally accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) for its counselling and psychotherapy services. BACP Accreditation means that patients and referrers can be assured that Nightingale Hospital therapy services and treatment meet the highest levels of clinical governance, delivery and clinical outcomes.

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Accessible, flexible and committed

Nightingale Hospital is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Care Quality Commission

Nightingale Hospital London is regulated by and registered with the Care Quality Commission and delivers treatment services under the terms set out in the Care Standards and Mental Health Acts. All our treatment services are compliant with NICE Guidelines/Royal College of Psychiatrists recommendations. The hospital is also an Approved Practice Setting as determined by the General Medical Council.

Patient Satisfaction & Feedback

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“I couldn’t have asked for more, it was great. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone who suffers with Mental Health problems. Thank you for all your help. ”
Mary, Central London