Statement regarding the new NHS Nightingale Hospital

The UK government is creating a new hospital in east London (with Birmingham and Manchester locations to follow), dedicated to treating patients with the coronavirus. This hospital has been named ‘The NHS Nightingale Hospital’, prompting us to receive an influx of enquiries related to this development.

We are not affiliated in any way with the new NHS Nightingale Hospital.

Although we share the same Nightingale name, we are a private psychiatric hospital in central London. We are not a general hospital, and we are not equipped to respond to the medical needs of patients affected by the coronavirus.

We appreciate that these are hugely unprecedented and challenging times for us as a nation; and greatly applaud the enormous efforts of the NHS and its staff and volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anyone seeking medical attention for the coronavirus should contact 111 immediately; or refer to the NHS website for more information.

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