Schema Therapy is an integrative and innovative form of therapy which addresses long-lasting problems such as relationship issues, chronic depression, anxiety and personality issues. It is part of the newest developments in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies (CBT).

How Schema Therapy helps

Schema Therapy focuses on the identification and treatment of schemas, seen as the ‘root’ cause psychological and emotional problems. The schemas targeted are long-lasting and self-defeating patterns which typically develop when a person’s core emotional needs are not met in their childhood or adolescence.

By focusing on these unhelpful schemas, Schema Therapy offers a way of helping individuals restructure thinking related to their struggles. The treatment focuses on helping to break negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving whilst developing healthier alternatives to replace them with.

What happens in Schema Therapy Treatment

Schema Therapy consists of education and understanding to increase awareness, along with rehearsing behavioural changes which break disruptive patterns of behaviour. It provides the tools for individuals to solve problems on their own, giving a sense of autonomy over their wellbeing.

In comparison to more traditional CBT techniques, Schema Therapy has a stronger focus on the emotions of the patient’s emotions and unmet needs, and places a higher importance on the relationship between therapist and patient.



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