Dr Anshul Swami, Addiction Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Anshul Swami

Consultant Psychiatrist - Adult Psychiatry & Addictions / Substance Misuse, General Psychiatry

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • GMC, Certificate of Specialist Training in Addictions/Substance Misuse 2010
  • GMC, Certificate of Specialist Training in General Adult Psychiatry 2010
  • Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley & King’s College, London MSc in Addiction Sciences 2009
  • Approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act 1983 2006
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists MRCPsych 2009
  • MB.BCh Bachelor Medicine and Surgery, University Cardiff 2001

My professional experience:

Borough Clinical Lead in Addictions and General Adult Mental Health in North London, NHS


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Inpatient Anxiety Disorders Unit, Maudsley & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Honorary Specialist Registrar in National Addictions Centre, King’s College London

Hospital Inpatient Addictions, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Community Mental Health and Psychiatric Intensive Care, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Adolescent Hospital Inpatient Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Hospital inpatient & community Eating Disorders, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Hospital inpatient & community Addictions, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Community and Home Treatment Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Adolescent Psychiatry & Michael Rutter Centre, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


Old Age Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


General Adult & Hospital Liaison Psychiatry, Maudsley Hospital & Bethlem Royal Hospitals


My personal statement:

I assess and treat a wide range of mental health problems and psychological problems such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, bereavement, OCD and stress. I have expertise in managing patients that have struggled to respond to standard treatment with mood, anxiety and psychotic disorders. Having lived and worked in London for all of my adult life and having colleagues with busy jobs in and around the capital, I am aware of the impact that work related stress has on one’s sleep, energy, motivation, mood and I am able to assess and treat stress related problems as well.

I am qualified and have extensive clinical experience of treating patients with complex and severe drug difficulties (heroin and cocaine), harmful or dependent patterns of alcohol consumption, prescription medication problems, over the counter medication problems, club drug use such as Ketamine, Mephedrone, GHB/GBL, legal highs, Methamphetamines. I am able to resolve problems that other clinicians and psychiatrists have found difficult to treat due to my expertise in this field. I also see patients that have inadvertently developed withdrawals or dependency to pain medication and sleeping or benzodiazepine-type medications like Valium after recovering from chronic pain, bereavement, an operation or a long illness.

I have worked with a large cohort of patients from Black and ethnic minorities who found it difficult to approach and engage with traditional mental health services. I have gained experience in specialist stimulant clinics with young adults in their late teens and early twenties struggling with cannabis and club/recreational drug use.

I take a holistic approach beyond purely biological psychiatry and the use of medications, to exploring and addressing psychological, personality and social factors that maintain distress. I will spend as much time as necessary exploring your beliefs around your illness, how your illness drives certain behaviours and learning about your work, life, relationships, goals and your personality. In addition to using evidence based treatment guidelines that are tested and proven, the treatment I deliver is personalised to you and your constellation of difficulties and struggles. It involves integrating cutting edge medications, the best psychotherapies/talk therapies and social rehabilitation. I will be looking to see how you respond emotionally and functionally in your day-to-day life with work, family and friends as treatment advances. We may also need to explore any possible unhelpful thoughts or behaviours, denial and ‘blocks’, anger or mood problems that stop you from recovering despite your best efforts.

Additional information about my research, publications and interests:

Bearn, J., Swami, A., Stewart, D., Atnas, C., Giotto, L., Gossop, M. Auricular acupuncture as an adjunct to opiate detoxification treatment: effects on withdrawal symptoms. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, (2009). Apr;36(3):345-9. Epub 2008 Nov 12.

MSc Research Dissertation. A Comparison of Nicotine Intake and Tobacco Dependence in Psychiatric Patients and the General Population of Smokers, 2008. Institute of Psychiatry – King’s College, London.

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