Dr Kamal Gupta, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Kamal Gupta

Consultant in Adult Psychiatry, General Psychiatry

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • MBBS, MRCPsych (Member of Royal college of Psychiatrists)
  • MD Psychological Medicine.
  • Section 12 approved
  • Expert Witness Institute
  • The Society of Expert Witnesses
  • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers Tier I Expert
  • Member Independent Doctors Forum

My professional experience:

  • In clinical practice for 30 years
  • Consultant Psychiatrist South London and Maudsley Trust since 1997 (Adult In-patient/Community Psychiatry and Psychiatric Intensive Care)
  • Consultant Nightingale Hospital since 1999
  • Guy’s Medical Toxicology Clinic (1995-2005)
  • Consultant Psychiatrist Practioner Health Programme (PHP) 2008 – 2011 NHS service providing mental health care to sick doctors and dentists in London.
  • Amardeep, mental health services for South Asians (2000-2018).
  • Psychotherapy – psychodynamic, cognitive analytic, cognitive behavioural and solution focus.
  • Second opinion for complex and treatment resistant cases
  • Recognised Medico-legal expert in Criminal, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence.

My personal statement:

I have worked privately and in the NHS for over 30 years with expertise in treating the spectrum of mental health conditions.  In my appointment, I start off, with a comprehensive assessment towards a shared understanding of health matters to inform treatment plans. I focus on nurturing the functional elements and empower patients to resolve problems.

I practice an integrated treatment model utilising medications and talking treatments. I am empathetic I believe each patient’s presentation is unique and tailor individual treatment plans. I enjoy my work and find it immensely satisfying supporting recovery, and return to health.

Additional information about my research, publications and interests:

  • O’ Neill K & Gupta K (1991): Post- traumatic stress disorder in women who were victims of childhood sexual abuse. Irish Journal of Psychological medicine; vol 8: 124-127
  • Patel V & Gupta K (1993):Trapped in the West: the problems faced by overseas doctors wishing to return home. Irish college of Physicians and Surgeons. Vol 22, (1), 23-25.
  • Gupta K & Sivakumar K (1991): A Truth drug or ECT (L). The British Journal of Psychiatry. Vol 159: 444-445
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  • Gupta K, Sivakumar K and Smeeton N (1995): Deliberate self-harm: a comparison of first time cases and cases with a prior history. Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine. Vol 12(4), 131-134.
  • Gupta K et al (1996): A two-year review of an “open access” multidisciplinary community psychiatric service for the elderly. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, vol 11: 795-99.
  • Gupta K and Gupta N (1996): Legislating for community care: 117 after-care to supervised discharge, Psychiatric Care, vol 3(6), 214-216.
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  • Kinane C & Gupta K (2001) Residential care homes for the mentally ill: implications for a catchment area service. Psychiatric Bulletin. Vol 25 (3) 58-61
  • Gupta K & Horne R (2001): Influence of health beliefs on intervention outcome in-patients with chemical sensitivities. Journal of Psychosomatic Research : Vol 50 131-137.

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