From referral to recovery journey: Effectively managing eating disorders

Eating disorders are complex psychiatric illnesses which can produce severe medical, physical, psychological and social complications for patients. With the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses and often lasting for many years, eating disorders have a debilitating effect on the people living with them, their families and wider communities.

In this webinar, the eating disorders unit leadership team at Nightingale Hospital will explore the journey from referral to recovery from an eating disorder. Discussing various risk factors and common presentations which may indicate an eating disorder, as well as the pathway to specialist treatment, this webinar is for healthcare professionals, GPs and HR or people teams who want to understand how best they can support patients or people living with an eating disorder. The webinar will also involve an engaging Q&A with the panellists where you will be invited to submit your questions.

This webinar is now closed for registration. Please email if you have any questions about the topic covered in this webinar.

Webinar details

Event title: From referral to recovery journey: Effectively managing eating disorders
Tuesday, 12 September 2023
6:30-7:30pm including a Q&A session
Format: Zoom webinar event

Speakers include Dr Helen Murphy (Lead consultant for the eating disorders unit), Talia Cecchele (Therapy lead for eating disorders) and Fiona Roye-Taylor (Ward manager for the eating disorders unit)

Registrations for this event will close on Monday, 11 September 2023. Zoom details will be emailed before the event.

Please note:

  • This session is not a replacement for therapy or a consultation with a psychiatrist, nor is it a crisis session. If you are in immediate danger, please visit the A&E department or contact your local emergency services.
  • The event presenters will not be able to answer any questions submitted from the audience that are personal in nature.
  • CPD certificates can be provided upon request following the event.