Bipolar Disorder

Someone with bipolar disorder will have severe mood swings. These usually last several weeks or months and are far beyond what most of us experience. These bipolar mood swings can be low or depressive, high or manic or a mix of depressed mood with the restlessness and over activity of a manic episode.

Bipolar disorder used to be called ‘manic depression’.

Our treatment approach for Bipolar

Our approach to treating bipolar here at Nightingale Hospital London combines individualised treatment programmes with treatments based on current clinical evidence. There are two types of Bipolar treatment available: talking therapies and medication.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help with bipolar depression and identify coping skills, psycho education can educate about bipolar, and mood monitoring and mood strategies can help you identify when your mood is swinging and stop your mood swinging into a full-blown manic or depressive bipolar episode.

Bipolar medication can be used to stabilise your mood and reduce the chances of relapse.

Bipolar treatment tailored to you

Our treatments for bipolar here in London can be as an outpatient, day patient or inpatient. We have the expertise to approach the support and treatment we offer you for your bipolar in a personal and flexible way to benefit you the most in your recovery.

Through therapy, medication and alternative approaches such as meditation, relaxation, sleep therapy and physical therapies we aim to give you knowledge and coping skills for dealing with your bipolar disorder effectively.

Bipolar Disorder Specialists

Nightingale Hospital London has a number of Consultant Psychiatrists and Therapists that can provide and accurate diagnosis and help you through your bipolar disorder. It is vital you find a bipolar specialist that you can trust and work with on your recovery. If you cannot find the information you need on bipolar specialists and bipolar treatment programmes we would welcome your call so you feel secure in the decisions you make.

Please contact us confidentially on 020 7535 7700 24 hours a day.