Back in December last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar, which in some respects this was a relief, to finally know what is wrong with me after all these years. I was admitted into Nightingale Hospital at the end of March this year by my consultant Dr Eapen.

The first day at Nightingale Hospital was quiet scary as you don’t know what to expect and you don’t think there is anything wrong with you. When I arrived it was quite calming and in a way I felt safe. The nurses on the 2nd floor were very welcoming and caring which I think is very important when you are in hospital. The therapists are fantastic and they really seemed to care in the work they do at Nightingale Hospital. When I attended the therapy sessions it was so helpful to be able to relate to other people and it really helped me to deal with my illness.

Dr Eapen is amazing and she came to visit me every day in hospital and I felt that she really cared about me and wanted to make sure that I got all the help I need and to make the most of my stay to get myself well. I was in hospital for a month as an inpatient and 8 weeks as an outpatient. I still have monthly appointments with Dr Eapen and I have 1-2-1 sessions once a week which are really helpful. When you leave Nightingale Hospital it is quite daunting and you know how hard it’s going to be going back to reality. Nightingale Hospital offer an aftercare session every week in the evening which a is free session and it was a relief to know that I still had support from the hospital.


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