14th September 2013 – Yahoo! UK News – Casual gaming ‘Most popular amongst women’

Look around you on a train, a bus or a waiting room and you will see others gazing at screens as life passes them by.

It is more and more likely those people will be playing some of the thousands of downloadable games that have taken our downtime by storm.

…Among “casual” gamers, such as those who play on mobile devices, 27% of women say they play versus 24% of men.

Dr Richard Graham of London’s Nightingale Hospital told Sky News why these games can be addictive. “Certainly, these games release chemicals within our brains that give us a sense of reward, of satisfaction, and often sort of a buzz of excitement. But the problem remains that when you switch off, you’re depleted, downgraded and feel that you need to go back to do it again to get that same feeling of wellbeing.”

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