1st July 2014 – Top Sante – Summer Stress: Six Solutions

Summer is often depicted as one long holiday – all Pimms-drenched barbecues and fun times in a happy, sun-soaked season through which you breeze, glowing and bronze-limbed. But in reality, this season can be a high stress time for many women. Hot weather, high expectations, demanding children and the dread of baring all on the beach can create a pressure cooker effect, which may have you craving frost and falling leaves…

If you’re self-conscious about your wobbly tum, cellulite or pasty complexion, summer can feel torturous. ‘Body image issues can lie dormant in the winter months, when you can hide under layers of thick cloths’ says Dr Bijal Chedda-Varma of London’s Nightingale Hospital. ‘But they’re exacerbated in the summer. And it’s not just about weight or body shape…’

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