12th September 2013, We reveal the Unusual Suspects making you feel exhausted and what you can do to fight them

So much for your smartphone saving you time and making life easier. Now experts say tech is actually wearing us out.

“Our working memory (the area responsible for handling incoming information on a moment-by-moment basis) can’t cope with the volume of technology traffic that bombards us as we use our phones, the internet and our tablets,” says Dr Narina Ramlakhan, author of Tired But Wired (Souvenir Press, £12.99) and therapist at Nightingale Hospital.

“When the working memory is overloaded, it can cause mental exhaustion, anxiety and sleepless nights, as the brain becomes so bogged down with mental ­processing that we can’t wind down. Create technology-free zones in the home. Have a meal with friends or family a few times a week with no phones or computers allowed” says Dr Ramlakhan.

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