Diana Randall, Therapist

Diana Randall

Art Psychotherapist

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • MA Art Therapy
  • Cert Counselling
  • Dip Education
  • Dip Art and Design
  • ANZATA (Australian and New Zealand Art Therapy Association)
  • Member of the BACP

My professional experience:

I am trained in counselling, art psychotherapy and drama therapy. My specialist areas include mindfulness, meditation and the use of art for self-awareness. My emphasis is on a compassion-focused psychodynamic approach with cognitive and behavioural elements. I have worked at Nightingale Hospital for 9 years running support groups, facilitating interpersonal therapy groups (IPT), and working on the addictions and eating disorders programmes. I also conduct one-to-one sessions with patients and am familiar in working with psychosis.

In addition, I worked as a counsellor, teacher and art therapist in the Education Services in Manchester and London, as well as the Prison Service in Perth in Australia. I have extensive experience of working with children and adolescents as well as their families. I ran a successful art therapy programme in schools in the borough of Wandsworth, mainly working with primary age group pupils. I also worked in the field of business as an outplacement counsellor.

My personal statement:

My particular interest is in a compassion-focused therapy. I have practised Buddhist meditation for more than thirty years and taught it for six years in London. The basic principles of that philosophy colour my approach to therapeutic work. My aim is to facilitate a recovery to health, happiness, equanimity and wellbeing. Using art I hope to stimulate right-brain activity in order to enhance the imagination, empowering patients to get the most from life and to see problems from a different perspective. I also use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to give a wide range of cognitive tools for identifying core issues and working towards practical solutions.

Additional information about my research, publications and interests:

Hypnotherapy; EMDR; NLP; EFT

Practise Buddhist meditation; yoga

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