A testimonial of the treatment delivered by Claire Parkes, a consultant chartered clinical psychologist at Nightingale Hospital.

I would like to express my gratitude to Claire Parkes for helping me reverse a huge trauma I suffered after giving birth to my daughter in 2017.

My birth was not only excruciatingly painful because of complications, but it was an ordeal on its own. I was also unfortunate to be heavily abused by my midwife during the process. Her medical mistakes led to an emergency caesarean section. Altogether, it broke my spirit, and I was barely coping with life. My existence was not only colourless, it was purely black. I was crying day and night for seven months, which physically destroyed the skin around my eyes. Sorrow and distraction spread over all the aspects of my life.

This is when I decided to ask for professional help.

Claire took me as a patient immediately, despite her fully booked schedule. This act of compassion meant a lot to me on its own.

Applying EMDR therapy with absolute professionalism, kind-hearted attitude, wisdom, and sensitivity, Claire managed to improve my PTSD on a profound level. I began feeling alive, I finally was able to enjoy my long-time wish of motherhood.

Yet, for some period of time, I still considered myself amongst those 30% of trauma/PTSD survivors described as successful patients of EMDR who feel recovered, but still as victims of trauma. Claire went on working one by one on all of my old traumas as well, in order to unpack mental obstacles that held me back. Gradually, with her continuous and wise guidance, I moved to join the 70% who admit feeling rather empowered by their traumatic experiences. I even made a series of academic research on the topic, which I presented at a number of international conferences.

As a result, all aspects of my life improved immensely.

Claire transmitted a big sense of empowerment to me as a person, as a woman, as a mother, and as a professional.

I now feel my mental health has fully recovered, and I am enjoying a full, vibrant life. I blissfully enjoy motherhood, my marriage improved, and I re-started my career as a voice coach. I feel a sense of self-worth and belonging. Claire did help me achieve tremendous personal growth.

I thank Claire with all my heart, and wish that many more people could experience improved lives with her invaluable help.

Shared by Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington, PhD

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