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For good practice and continuity of care we do recommend that it is in the best interests of patients for there to be a GP referral as it can be useful in providing relevant medical history. If you intend to fund your treatment with private medical insurance, a GP referral letter is a must with most policies.

Mental health treatment at Nightingale Hospital

When we receive your enquiry, call or referral from your health care professional we can help assess the next best steps for you. This may be to organise an appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist or directly with one of our Therapists.

Initial assessment appointment

This initial appointment with one of our Consultant Psychiatrists or therapists will be to discuss and determine the best treatment plan to suit your needs. This may be weekly outpatient appointments or if you require a more focussed approach we may recommend a day therapy or inpatient stay.

In some circumstances an individual may be referred directly by their GP for a specific therapy such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), bereavement counselling or couples counselling.

Length of treatment

The length of treatment for everyone depends of their individual circumstances such as personal situation, nature and severity of your problem and any financial restraints. Treatment plans could range from six to eight, one hour 1to1 outpatient therapy sessions to an inpatient stay with a step down plan after.

Consultant Psychiatrist and therapist at Nightingale Hospital

Seeing a mental health Consultant Psychiatrist

Our Nightingale Hospital team is made up of over 50 Consultant Psychiatrists with expertise covering all mental health and emotional issues, eating disorders and addictions. For self-pay patients the cost of the initial appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist is approximately £350, depending on which Consultant is seen, and usually lasts an hour.

Seeing a mental health therapist

With the extensive knowledge and experience within the Therapy Services Department in London we can match your circumstances and requirements with the most appropriate mental health therapist and achieve the most effective therapeutic relationships. We work with every individual to understand their particular needs, likes and dislikes.If you are unsure, our Therapy Department can discuss your options with you.Outpatient therapy sessions usually last one hour and range in cost dependent on specialisms from £110 – £189 per hour.

Access Nightingale Hospital outpatient treatment

Nightingale Hospital offers outpatient appointments between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am and 2pm on Saturdays, from convenient and discreet London locations.

Edward House outpatient centre

Our Edward House outpatient Centre next to the main hospital where our consultants are receiving their patients. It is convenient for those who live and work in and around the West End and Marylebone. It is located a few minutes’ walk from Marylebone, Edgware Road and Baker Street stations.

Bell Street therapy centre

Our Bell Street Therapy Centre next to the main hospital has over twenty modern and comfortable therapy rooms. It is convenient for those who live and work in and around the West End and Marylebone. It is located a few minutes’ walk from Marylebone, Edgware Road and Baker Street stations.

City of London therapy centre

Our City of London Therapy Centre is convenient for those working and living in the City of London. It is located behind the Bank of England, a few minutes’ walk from Bank, Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations.

Access Nightingale Hospital inpatient treatment

Adult units

Our adult units are situated in the main hospital, located a few minutes’ walk from Marylebone, Edgware Road and Baker Street stations. We take admissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What referrer says about Nightingale Hospital

“I use Nightingale Hospital London as my preferred referral centre for patients with mental health issues. The liaison helpdesk act with speed and professionalism to make the burden of referral administration almost effortless. Consultant care is consistently excellent and aftercare and communication provide exceptional quality of care in this difficult area.”

Ruth Whitby, The Platinum Medical Centre, NW8 7JA

“When you have a problem and you drink, take drugs or gamble, the problem won’t go away. Stay and tackle the problem”