19th January 2014 – The Sunday Times – Be off, you Facebook demons. I’m on a digital detox

I quite miss my brain from time to time, so I went in search for it. To help me on my quest I roped in Dr Richard Graham, head of technology addiction clinic at London’s Nightingale Hospital.

Dr Graham advised, “If it feels like an addiction and looks like an addiction, then it should be treated as one.”

His tips for staying on top of tech:

  • Keep busy – it’s when you are bored around the house that the pull of social media becomes irresistible
  • Be mindful of how much you use technology and be aware of your desire to overload on it
  • Do something physically immersive – go on an active holiday or a day trip that engages your body
  • Have a digital sabbath – make one day a week technology-free
  • Unwind before bed – no screen time for an hour before you sleep

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