Stress occurs when the amount of pressure you’re under exceeds your ability to cope with it says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Sleep Therapist in article in Top Santé.

Prolonged periods of stress can affect your immune system and your health.

Nerina’s tips to tackle stress:

1. Small tweaks to your lifestyle such as always eating breakfast so your body doesn’t go into fight or flight mode and reducing your caffeine intake as it stimulates the release of stress hormones.

2. Step away from your smart phone and taking breaks

3. Exercise to deplete stress hormones and release mood-enhancing endorphins. Two and a half hours a week is advised.

4. Eat well – brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, protein rich foods such as eggs and poultry and breakfast cereals fortified with B vitamin.

If these measures don’t help and you are experiencing sleep problems, crying for no reason or frequently need alcohol to unwind, ring your GP or a mental health specialist who can help you with your stress levels.

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