Dr Nathan Anthony discusses ADHD and COVID-19

In this short interview, Dr Nathan Anthony, consultant psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital, discusses the interesting link between the COVID-19 pandemic and adult ADHD.

Dr Anthony reports an increase in patients at his outpatient clinic being diagnosed with ADHD.

He highlights that many patients present with mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, anger issues, substance misuse or interpersonal issues. However, following a formal assessment of these patients, Dr Anthony has indicated that recently, a surprisingly large number, in fact, have ADHD as their core diagnosis.

COVID-19 restrictions have affected most of our lives, but Dr Anthony describes these effects as being particularly difficult for those with ADHD.

Dr Anthony also gives insight into the very positive attributes associated with ADHD, as well as the common relief many individuals feel when they learn about their diagnosis and the condition.

Check the video out below, or watch it on YouTube.

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