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Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a mental or neurobehavioral disorder characterised by significant difficulties of inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness or a combination. It is significantly under-diagnosed in the UK.

ADHD sufferers are often very intelligent, creative and intuitive people who regularly exhibit symptoms including:

  • Sense of underachievement, organisational difficulties, procrastination, and many projects underway simultaneously which are seldom completed
  • Interpersonal problems, a tendency to blurt things out without thinking, and problems in relationships
  • Search for high stimulation and a low threshold tolerance
  • A tendency to worry, a sense of insecurity, and mood swings
  • Anxiety, depression and substance misuse

If you have any concerns about adult ADHD, please contact us as soon as possible about ADHD assessment and treatment.

Our treatment approach for ADHD

At Nightingale Hospital London, our approach to the assessment and treatment of adult ADHD combines an individualised programme with treatments based on current clinical evidence.

ADHD assessment

An ADHD assessment is via a well-researched protocol using the Brown and Berkley scales and the Connors semi-structured interview with you, and, where possible, a family member. Old school reports will be analysed and psychometric tests may be administered to support the diagnosis. The initial ADHD assessment takes approximately two hours followed by a further five hours’ of analysis and additional investigations if required. The assessment will be followed by a consultation with the Psychiatrist to clarify the diagnosis of ADHD and offer ADHD treatment options.

Adult ADHD Assessment: £1,250

ADHD treatment options

The treatment of adult ADHD consists of medication, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psycho-Education. Any ADHD medication is tailored to your exact requirements. Family and Couple Therapy can also aid the treatment.

Treatments are accessible as an inpatient (residential treatment), outpatient or day patient.

Nightingale Hospital delivers a bespoke treatment programme

Nightingale Hospital is a private mental health hospital in central London. We provide individual, tailor-made and flexible treatment programmes that range from group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy options. These programmes include clearly defined goals and can be customized to ensure that they best suit the patient’s personal needs.

Nightingale Hospital has a range of leading experts that cover a variety of different specialities. This ensures that each patient is suitably matched with a therapist or consultant to address their individual needs and requirements.

Nightingale Hospital aims to empower patients with various techniques they can put into practice in their everyday life.

Adult ADHD Specialists

Dr Michael Craig, Consultant Psychiatrist is an expert in the diagnosis and management of neurodevelopment disorders in adults and has developed an Adult ADHD Assessment and Treatment Clinic at Nightingale Hospital London. His team includes clinical psychologists and a range of therapists.

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