Sleeping issues are a common problem in this fast paced life.

Dr Ramlakhan in an article in My Weekly says “If you find it hard to drift off, try this yoga move before bed. Lie on the floor, with your buttocks against the skirting board and legs up against the wall. This calms the mind ready for sleep. Alternatively, close your eyes and look to your “third eye”, the point between your brows. This slows the beta brainwaves and allows the more relaxing alpha brainwaves to help induce sleep.”

1. How can I sleep when I am anxious?

A: Replace your distressing thoughts with optimistic ones such as holidays.

2. I keep waking up sweating

A: Having a slow energy releasing snack before bedtime to avoid falling blood sugar that causes night sweat.

3. My husband’s snoring keeps me awake!

A. If ear plugs don’t work seek medical advice about snoring. Smoking, drinking and obesity can make snoring worse

4. I’m exhausted so why can’t I drop off?

A. Avoid heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol late at night might and allow your body around half an hour of relaxation before going to bed so that it winds down. A warm bath, a good book…

A. Avoid more than 20 minutes of afternoon nap.

A. And last but not the least, keep all technologies away from the bedroom

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan is Nightingale’s Lead Sleep Therapist. Find out more about sleep problems and Sleep Therapy.

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