Paying for treatment

The cost of treatment varies according to the type of treatment and programme that you and your specialist decide is the best option for you. Outpatient appointments, day therapy and inpatient treatments can be self-funded or paid through private medical insurance.


Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or bank transfer and patients are required to pay before their treatment starts.

Please Note: The hospital will cease to accept American Express Card payment from 1st February 2015.


Consultant psychiatrists will invoice patients directly for all inpatient and outpatient appointments. The cost of an initial appointment with a Consultant Psychiatrist is approximately £350, depending on which Consultant is seen and usually lasts an hour. All outpatient therapy appointments should be paid for on the day of treatment.

Day patients

Day therapy patients can pay per week, day or group in advance as their programme might vary. For example, one group per week, or three full days per week.


Inpatients are asked to pay a deposit, the value of which will comprise seven days treatment and the initial assessment fee. Inpatients are then required to pay for each week of treatment in advance.

For self-funding patients it is not essential, but we do recommend that it is in the best interests of patients for there to be a GP referral as it can be useful in providing relevant medical history.

Private medical insurance

What an insurer will fund and the process for acquiring authorisation for treatment can vary between insurers so it is advisable that you check with your insurance company about what your particular policy covers. If you intend to fund your treatment with private medical insurance, your insurer will normally ask that you get a GP referral letter. Once this is received, we can arrange the initial appointment with you. This can be faxed to admissions on: 0207 724 5976.

Outpatient Consultant Appointments

You will need to bring your membership number and authorisation code with you to your first appointment.

Outpatient Therapy

In order to be covered by insurance, your policy may state you need to be seen by a consultant psychiatrist before referral to a therapist can take place. Once the initial appointment has taken place the consultant will be able to refer you for the most appropriate therapy. You will need to bring your membership number and authorisation code with you to your first appointment.

Day patients and Inpatients

In order to be covered by insurance, inpatients and day patients require a GP referral letter. Your consultant psychiatrist will subsequently fill in all the necessary forms for the insurance company and the hospital will apply for the cover for your treatment for you. Once authorisation has been received your treatment can start.

Corporate Medical Insurance

If you are covered by your employer’s private medical insurance scheme, or you wish to be admitted to Nightingale Hospital, referral can be made by your employer’s occupational health doctor.