Day Therapy Treatment

Day Therapy offers a flexible treatment option that take into consideration people’s individual needs, daily responsibilities and social routines.

Our day therapy programmes and treatment are delivered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team which includes a Day Therapy Coordinator, Consultant Psychiatrist and a range of therapists who offer expertise and continued support.

After making the decision with your consultant to participate in a day therapy programme you will be contacted by the day therapy co-ordinator who will arrange a free assessment usually lasting one hour. At this assessment an individual programme will be developed with you. This may consist of full days, half days and or individual groups and one to one therapy sessions. A convenient start date will be arranged with you and you will be shown the facilities. The length of the programme will depend on the nature and severity of the individual’s situation.

The recommended day therapy programme is normally group therapy focused. Group therapy provides a space for people to explore and acknowledge their feelings, gain support and relate to the other group members. When people with similar problems are brought together and are able to share their thoughts and feelings with each other, it can result in a very powerful and positive experience. Together with group therapy a patient may also participate in individual therapy and treatments from our Wellbeing Programme.

Day Therapy Brochure

Private Patient Day Therapy Fees – 2017