Bipolar – from rock bottom

From rock bottom back to normal…….

I have had a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Type 2 since 2015. It has been a bit of trial and error with regards to regulating the medication that are effective for me.

Recently, in December 2016, I sadly had an adverse reaction to one of my medications. I suffered a really high manic attack during work, which then floored me completely both mentally and physically.

I was self-admitted to Nightingale Hospital, where I come as a regular outpatient to consult my psychiatrist. The nurses and resident psychiatrist swiftly took me in charge. I was taken to a very pleasantly decorated and quiet bedroom. The resident psychiatrist promptly visited me to perform a review of the circumstances and a risk assessment. I was then left in the very capable hands of the nursing staff. There I received the best of care both in therapy and in medication. The short stay I had at Nightingale Hospital was sufficient to bring me back to normal, but I have to give all thanks to the admirable patience, professionalism, commitment and understanding that the staff at the Nightingale Hospital surrounded me with.