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Hopefully the experiences below will provide you further insight into Nightingale Hospital London. If you think you might be interested in using your experiences to raise awareness of mental health disorders and to help others seek help then please let us know.

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Nightingale Hospital - private mental health services
Bipolar – from rock bottom

I have had a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder Type 2 since 2015.

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Welcome to Nightingale Hospital Adolescent Unit
Anorexia from thirteen

I was transferred to Nightingale Hospital and how different it was. The nurses had time for me as a person and not just an illness.

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Alcohol Consumption
How the Nightingale Hospital Transformed My Life

I never want to return to the hell I was in previously and I am not exaggerating when I say I truly believe the Nightingale Hospital saved me.

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Female Mental Health Specialist
Safe & Homely Environment

The Nightingale Hospital’s greatest and most transparent accolade is the safe & homely environment created by all the hospital staff.

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Treatment for Sever Depression at Nightingale Hospital
I feel I have the confidence to tackle life again

I have had severe depression and tried a number of anti-depressants and therapies…

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Overdosed - services at Nightingale
I’ve had an amazing & positive experience

During my second and third weeks I continued to improve until I felt better than I had in at least two years.

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Private Mental Health Treatment, Nightingale London
A journey back to self-belief

I learnt some key tools which enabled me to pick myself back up again.

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Bipolar Treatment at Nightingale
Back in December last year I was diagnosed with Bipolar

In some respects it was a relief to finally know what was wrong…

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Private Mental Health Treatment, London
Downward slope

I was already on the downward slope with panic attacks, depression and anxiety.

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Anorexia Nervosa private mental health service
Dear Dream Team

You are truly the best I’ve ever met in Mental Health Care.

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Private Mental Health Treatment at Nightingale
Nightingale Hospital looked after me and listened

I came to Nightingale Hospital pretty desperate for help.

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Depression Treatment at Nightingale
I suffer from depression

It’s taken me to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital to feel like that’s an acceptable sentence.

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