Your Fitness – September 2016 – 20 Ways to Stay Motivated

From work deadlines to sore hamstrings, there are a number of reasons for losing motivation to train. While some of life’s obstacles are unavoidable, too many skipped sessions can see your health and fitness take a step backwards. Try these tips and tricks to make sure that – real emergencies aside – you’ll never miss a session again.

One is example is, “By opening your curtains immediately when you wake up, you supress the melatonin levels and then feel less sleepy” says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, sleep and energy expert at Nightingale Hospital. “This sets you up for a more energetic day.”

Another example is to start a diary. Studies have shown that training logs are a great tool for maintaining your motivation and exercise intention. After exercising, write down how you feel. Next time you are low on motivation to go for a run or to get to the gym, you can pull out the diary and read about how great you felt after nailing that 5K.

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