Telegraph – 13 November 2014 – No time to chat, the phone call is dying

We can text, whatsapp, Facebook message and snapchat – but are we losing the luxury of the phone conversation?

Most of my phone calls are less than a minute long. If I accidentally hit answer instead of pressing the ignore button, it’s usually to say, “hold on, I’ll call you back,” before quickly typing out a “whatsup?” text. My list of recent phone calls is limited to four people and unless we live together, are related, or dating, there’s very little chance of joining that list.

Our e-mail inboxes may be able to store tens of thousands of messages, but our brains are struggling with the deluge of information. And with hundreds of Facebook friends we barely know and dozens of instant messaging apps, it seems inevitable that we have to tune out some of the communication.

Dr Richard Graham, a psychiatrist who specialises in technology at Nightingale Hospital, says that in response for the message overload, it’s far easier to send an emotionless text than engage on the phone…

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