Stephen Fry speaks out with Nightingale Hospital Medical Director, William Shanahan, regarding mental health issues in the Heads Together Video: One conversation can make the difference.

View the video here.

Spearheaded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Stephen Fry has spoken about his mental health breaking down in the latest of a series of films from the mental health charity Heads Together.

The comedian and writer is seen speaking with his psychiatrist about how talking openly helped him heal and continues to help him manage his mental health. Dr Shanahan, a Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director at Nightingale Hospital, tells Fry: “Most people aren’t very good at opening up and I think we have to, I certainly have to, get people to feel that this is going to be a comfortable time and a helpful time for them. One conversation can make all the difference for people.”

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