Sally Anderson, Drama Therapist

Sally Anderson

Psychotherapist, Drama Therapist

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

Professional Qualifications:

  • Master of Science, Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy
  • Master of Arts in Drama and Movement Therapy


  • Accredited Psychotherapist, UK Council for Psychotherapy (‘UKCP’) Registration. No. 2011162265
  • State registered Dramatherapist, Health and Care Professional Council Registration No. AS2428


  • Health and Care Professions Council
  • UKCP
  • BACP
  • British Association of Drama Therapists
  • European Association of Transactional Analysis

My professional experience:

I am an accredited psychotherapist and dramatherapist, and have worked at Nightingale Hospital London since 2004 facilitating dramatherapy groups on the interpersonal therapy group (IPT) programme.  My specific areas of expertise are adult and older adult mental health, sexual abuse, bereavement, and forensic work. I have extensive experience within the private hospital sector and the NHS providing group and one-to-one dramatherapy to adult psychiatric inpatients in secure and open hospital settings. I was previously a bereavement counsellor for 5 years, and for 4 years was employed within HM Prison Service as a counsellor and dramatherapist. For the past 7 years, I have also worked as a group and individual psychotherapist with survivors of rape and sexual abuse, and train professionals in working with and supporting this client group. I maintain a small private practice, providing short and long-term psychotherapy.

My personal statement:

With dual trainings as a Transactional Analyst with Psychotherapist speciality and Dramatherapist, I endeavour to respond flexibly to clients, offering both talking and creative approaches to therapy, as requested. Clients often unknowingly come with learnt patterns, which may have been a best adaptation to a prior situation, but no longer work in the present, leading to feeling stuck or distressed. My philosophy is that people can change and grow, if they are committed to it. Using psychotherapy and/or dramatherapy, as chosen by the client, I provide a space and tools for clients to develop awareness of their patterns, working actively together to solve problems with which they are struggling. I offer theoretical models to promote awareness and understanding. We can also use the creative arts as a means of discovering, exploring, expressing and resolving unhelpful patterns, opening up new possibilities of relating to self and others. These action methods can assist clients to discover alternative responses, and subsequently reinforce chosen behavioural changes through active practise and experimentation. No previous experience of dramatherapy is necessary as this method focuses on self-expression and is tailored to individual clients.

My current main client groups are adults with mental health issues, and men and women recovering from sexual violation. Previous clients have included people with a wide variety of issues, including relationship and interpersonal difficulties, schiziophrenia, anxiety, addictions, bereavement, etc. I also have an interest in working with people with obesity and eating-related issues.

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