Dr Frankie Connell, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Frankie Connell

Consultant Psychiatrist

My professional qualifications, accreditations and memberships:

  • MB BS Lond, 1988
  • MRCPsych, 1995
  • Awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2011
  • Member of BMA
  • Member of East London Special Interest Group in Mindfulness

My professional experience:

Having trained in Medicine and Psychiatry in London, I became a Consultant in 2001. As such I have had extensive experience in managing a wide range of psychiatric difficulties from anxiety and phobias to chronic and enduring illness such has Bipolar Affective Disorder (Manic Depression) and Schizophrenia, in the community and in an inpatient setting.
I have a special interest in managing the psychiatric difficulties that people with physical illnesses might develop, Liaison Psychiatry, and have worked in the field of HIV Liaison Psychiatry since 1998, managing the psychological difficulties of people who have HIV at RLH and also at The Mildmay Hospital in Shoreditch East London, a national unit for people suffering with HIV- related brain impairment.
I am also skilled and very interested in managing the Transcultural aspects of mental health problems having worked throughout my career in a particularly ethnically diverse area of London.

I am on the specialist register as a General Adult Psychiatrist and have a Liaison endorsement.

My special interests include:

  • General Psychiatry
  • Addictions
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Liaison Psychiatry and HIV Liaison Psychiatry

My current work:

My fulltime career as an NHS General Adult and Liaison Psychiatrist at The Royal London Hospital in the East End of London spanned 17 years and I retired in 2017 to develop my private practice.

I started my private practice in 2011. I see patients in an outpatient setting in the evenings and at weekends and can arrange to see patients flexibly and quickly. I have access to inpatient beds. I work very closely and collaboratively with the Psychological Therapies Department at Nightingale. I am skilled in managing a range of disorders, Stress and Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia, including those comorbid with Addiction having worked extensively throughout my consultant career in Dual Diagnosis. I am also skilled in managing patients with psychological difficulties associated with physical illness. I continue to develop my interest in Transcultural Psychiatry and use this in my formulations of patient`s difficulties. I provide assessment and ongoing management of these disorders.

I headed the ECT service in East London whilst working as an NHS Consultant, delivering treatment and training junior doctors to do so.

I was very involved in education in East London, was a clinical and educational supervisor to both junior and senior Psychiatry trainees and was involved in recruitment to the specialty.
I regularly lectured to medical students, trainees in Psychiatry and other medical specialties including GP trainees, on HIV Liaison Psychiatry, ECT and Medically Unexplained Symptoms and Mindfulness. I was a mentor to new Consultants

I am a Lead Examiner for The Royal College of Psychiatrists membership examination.

My personal statement:

I work holistically and collaboratively with patients, and have always been very interested in the Transcultural aspects of mental health. I believe that giving ample consideration to the  cultural and spiritual aspects of a person is essential to getting them better and helping them remain well.

I am skilled in working with interpreters and advocates.

I have a strong interest in Mindfulness and the very positive impact that this can have on managing stress, mental health problems and pain. I continue to develop this interest and use Mindfulness and meditation regularly in my management of patients. I have my own daily meditation practice.

I am very interested in fitness and consider exercise important in terms of maintaining good mental health also.

I have an enduring passion for rock and punk music.

I  am also very interested in vintage clothing and have a business selling men`s vintage clothes with my partner.

Additional information about research, publications and interests:

My research interests are in HIV Liaison Psychiatry.

I am also interested in Mindfulness and meditation and intend to develop these interests further both clinically and academically in the future.

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