When asked to share details of his experience at Nightingale Hospital, Anthony Marvell replied, “Yes, absolutely.

“Dr William Shanahan was amazing with me and really turned my life around. I will forever appreciate what he did for me. He’s an amazing person”, he said.

“This time last year I was unfit and uncertain about my future!

before and after mens health nightingale hospital anxiety inspiration

I made drastic decisions to change all of that.

Mainly to exercise, leave my job and move to Barcelona.

I have lost 16 kilos just by exercising, eating well and making sure I get the right amount of sleep to recover.

Everyday is progress. Throughout the past year, it has been difficult to keep motivated and keep doing what i have been doing to get fit and healthier.

Those days are tough, but I just remind myself of those dark times and promise myself never to go back there again!

before and after mens health nightingale hospital anxiety inspiration

before and after mens health nightingale hospital anxiety inspiration

It’s a struggle to keep hiding depression and anxiety away from the ones you love.

I found that I used all of my energy up pretending that I was okay.

Isolating myself.

But with the help of the people that love me, I have succeeded and I have beaten it!

I am one of the lucky ones that I have put all of my energy into getting better rather than giving up!

Statistics state that it’s harder for men to accept they have mental health problems, so it’s harder for them to reach out and ask for help!

I am so glad I did and so happy that I can write this knowing that I am back on track!

Some may see my posts on here about health and food as total nonsense, but for me it’s been part of me growing!

Making progress everyday and showing that even when you are at your lowest, you CAN pick yourself and be well.

Dr William Shanahan is an incredible human being and without his support and therapy I don’t think I would be here today to tell my story.

He saved me and made me realise that I had everything to live for.

My life is now full of sunshine and happiness.

Yes, I have to work on this every single day, but my dark thoughts are no longer controlling my life. “

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