A Nightingale Hospital patient shares her gratitude for the nurses involved in her care, in this open letter.

Dear all the nurses on ward 1B,

I can’t believe it’s come to the stage of being able to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

When I came into Nightingale Hospital I was lost, scared, and unable to feel any emotion.

So many of you have patiently sat with me as I’ve been figuring out what’s going on with me, or helped me manage a crisis.

I just wanted to say that these three weeks have turned my life around and given me so much hope.

I have learnt how to cope in a crisis, and let myself feel.

I now have plans I am looking forward to doing, and feel ready to accept myself the way that I am and take the next steps in my recovery.

I will be forever grateful for all your advice, generosity, patience, non-judgement and kindness.

You have literally saved and changed my life.

As they say… not all heroes wear capes!

Love, Hannah

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