“Oh my god” – I am here again, the hands are shaking and the nerves set in!

Up the top (Yes – I pre-booked by room), but nothing prepared me, for the four weeks of doom.

Well here it starts – the govener has arrived, going through my stuff, just to save my life!

‘Yes Mo!’ I moaned and tried to make you feel bad!

But without you in this hospital – NOT JUST ME – everyone would be sad!

I can’t thank you enough, for providing these staff, put them all together they give compassion, care, courage and laughs.

You’re wardens of pride, worth their weight in gold. They stick by your side, and will be there til they are old.

Niamh, Viviana, Theo and Lili; Nomusa, Latif, Ayan and Grace, I will be eternally grateful, for helping ME in my pace.

For giving me guidance, and showing me the way, I will never forget, your help every day.

‘Prescribed medication – addicted? ‘Not me!’

I came in with that theory – but now I am FREE.

So without further waffle and writing until I bore you to tears,

Please come in open-minded, they are the best, and fight away all your fears.

My group at the top – we helped each other stay normal and that contact will never stop – until we are all straight and formal.

Nightingale, I thank you with all my heart.

– Written by a current inpatient awaiting discharge

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