Nightingale Hospital featured in Tatler Magazine

Nightingale Hospital’s Therapy Services Manager, psychotherapist Maria Garcia features in this month’s issue of Tatler Magazine, in the article ‘Simply Irresistible’.

The article explores how for some, the thrill of splurging on cosmetics and beauty products,  can quickly spiral into a fully-fledged addiction.

Maria, also a specialist addiction therapist, explains that the act of buying make-up can become an addictive process. “It can become something people do compulsively, without considering the consequences. It’s instant gratification.”

During lock-down, online retail sales boomed, with some skincare brands reportedly experiencing a sales increase of almost 300 per cent during the pandemic.

In the article, Maria explains that there’s a clear distinction between make-up being a hobby or a passion, and when it becomes an addiction.

“It’s when it starts to have an impact on your life,” she explains. “It’s when it starts to cause problems with interpersonal relationships and how you feel about yourself.”

Maria explains that make-up and other appearance-focused addictions are often rooted in low self-esteem.

“Most addictions are about a disconnection with ourselves. In therapy, we try to help people reconnect.”

“Once a person has identified the problem, they can ask for help,” she says.

The aim of therapy is to enable individuals to start to “to identify and monitor triggers – boredom, loneliness… An addiction feels a little bit automatic like the person is not in control. It’s about trying to break that down. And finding alternatives [to shopping] – call a friend, go for a coffee, go for a walk.”

Simply Irresistible is printed in the Tatler November 2020 issue, written by Amelia Tait.

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