This week saw studies from Canada revealing that obesity could be causing young people’s lives to be shortened by more than eight years. NHS figures from yesterday, reported at the Telegraph, showed that one in ten children is now obese by the age of five.


In technology news, a study by the National Literacy Trust advised that tablets should be used to combat poor reading. According to the study, groups that are resistant to reading are more likely to read if they are able to use touch screen technology to do so. Dr Richard Graham’s blog on Huffington Post this week discusses the importance of the selfie as a marker of change in the digital era.


The British Journal of General Practice this week reported on links between web addiction, depression and ADHD. Two separate studies have indicated the links between heavy usage of the internet and ‘abnormal neural function’. Also this week, the Office for National Statistics revealed its findings on the wellbeing of young people, with one in five young people having shown symptoms of depression or anxiety.

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