The BBC reports US research has shown depression increases in frequency in Parkinson’s patients and is often left untreated.  Meanwhile in Cambridge UK, research has shown that breastfeeding mothers are 50% less likely to suffer post-natal depression.

Mental Health care

Mental Health care for young people in the UK has been criticised by Care Minister Norman Lamb for being ‘not fit for purpose’.

Mental Health in sport

A growing number of athletes are asking for improved mental health for professional athletes, particularly around the trigger points: first contract, injury and retirement.  These calls are supported by MIND, the mental health charity. Read more in this Daily Mail article.  It has also been reported on ITV.

How we are using technology; the benefits and drawbacks

The proliferation of pornography online, the lawlessness of the Internet and the damaging effects on teenage relationships has been widely reported this week, following a report by the Institute of Public Policy Research.

Here the Daily Telegraph publish the 30 best videos from the latest social media craze – the ASL ice bucket challenge.

Sleep – late nights and early mornings

The Times has revealed this week that there might be hope for those plagued by those struggling to get to sleep as they get older. There is also a backlash against the growing corporate culture about 4:30am alarms and that people might be better off staying in bed to get enough sleep to be able to function.

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