Technology addiction

As Google Glass expands its Beta programme, reports have emerged of its first addict who is now seeking treatment in the US.

Body confidence

Body Confidence Week has revealed that 10 million women have body confidence anxiety, causing depression and creating a barrier to partaking in sport. The campaign aims to promote healthy living and exercise instead of appearance.

Weight Management

The New Scientist has reported the findings of a new study that shows reveals the impact of slow and fast dieting, challenging the widely held conception that crash dieters are more likely to pile the pounds back on.  However, both slow and fast weight loss regimes were equally unsuccessful, with dieters from both groups putting back on 70% of the weight they lost within 2 years.

The Nightingale Hospital runs a weight management programme that addresses the root cause of eating.  Take this test to examine your relationship with food.

Scientific American – Mind, Volume 25, Issue 6               

In the Scientific American’s latest edition of its Mind journal, the final chapter, “The Healing Touch,” explores advances in modifying the brain, the causes of dysfunction and how psychiatry is becoming tech-savvy.


The evidence mounts for exercise as a vital tool in beating and fending off depression.

The Telegraph explores the grief surrounding parental suicide, in response to the recent revelations by Michael McIntyre about his own father’s death.

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