Mental Health Care

News on mental health care this week was dominated by the statements issued by Dame Sally Davies who raised concerns about inadequate care for mental health patients on the NHS, particularly for adolescents. This BBC article reports her calls to make mental health a bigger priority. As the Telegraph reported, Dame Davies called for those suffering from anxiety, stress and depression to be fast-tracked to NHS care.


A research report revealed this week that it is the process of eating rather than food itself that is addictive, underscoring the link between mental health and obesity.  For more details read this Daily Mail article. Further reports support this research as it was revealed that ‘fat shaming’ actually makes people put on weight as it encourages comfort eating.


This week’s supermoon was predicted by many to cause havoc with sleep and Hannah Betts explained in The Times how this was the latest phenomenon to disrupt her sleep.  There were also concerns raised about the link between sleeping pills and Alzheimer’s for older insomniacs.


This article in The Telegraph explains how the iMessage ellipsis is adding to the anxiety of communicating in a plugged in, technology driven world.

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