Obesity Debate

The debate over the best course of action for tackling the obesity crisis has continued this week following last week’s news regarding the NICE recommendations to decrease the minimum BMI for bariatric surgery on the NHS. The Telegraph reported this week that research carried out by Queen Mary University of London found that food supplements could trick the digestive system and act like a gastric bypass. The research, published in GUT, the international journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, was also reported on Huffington Post.

Another potential solution to the crisis has been raised by the Local Government Association, who said this week that a junk food tax would be the best solution to the obesity crisis, as reported in The Independent. Consider taking Nightingale Hospital’s online weight and food perceptions test if you feel concerned about weight or food issues.

Summer of Sport

As the world cup has reached its final conclusion, and we look forward to the Commonwealth Games commencing in five days’ time, mental health and sport have once again come up in the news this week. Nightingale Hospital’s Dr Nerina Ramalkhan explained on her Huffington Post blog how pressure can get to athletes and affect their sleep, examining how the German and Argentinian players would have been feeling the night before the final. The Herald also reported on the Scottish Commonwealth Games team, as they have appointed sports psychology to deal with anxiety and pressure in the build up to their home games.

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