Huffington Post – 16 April 2015 – Treating The Trolls: Are There Other Ways To Address The Tide Of Online Abuse?

Just a handful of people have been prosecuted for trolling, and most of those have been linked to abuse of celebrities or public figures. Yet for trolling victims like Nicola Brookes, whose face has been photoshopped onto pornographic images and pictures of her home posted online by anonymous trolls, there is seemingly no redress in the law.

Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist at the Nightingale Hospital, with a special interest in internet addictions, said he believes that a change in education and health responses to disturbing online behaviour could have a far greater effect than further criminalisation.

“The police really don’t have the capacity to cope, because things move so fast and things scale so enormously, I think there has to be some alternative approach,” he said. “Many people are thinking about this in the field, clarity is needed about what are the implications of laws that already exist, and what the thresholds are.”

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