HuffPost – 05 April 2016 – Sleep Revolution: We spoke to wellbeing experts about their sleep routine

Forty winks, shut-eye, Bo-Peep, whatever us Brits choose to call sleep, the truth of the matter is we’re not very good at it.

According to a recent study, Brits reportedly miss out on one hour’s sleep every night, equating to an entire night’s sleep over a one week period.

The average sleep time is just 6.8 hours, which is far less than the 7.7 hours which people feel they need.

A poor night’s sleep can affect our productivity, creativity and mood the following day, while long term sleep issues can put a huge strain on our relationships and be detrimental to our health.

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, sleep and energy expert at Nightingale Hospital  says “My sleep routine depends on a few things, such as whether I’m on holiday, or if I’ve got a lot on.”

“Generally, the more busy I am, the more mindful I am of the choices I make before I go to bed for example, what I read or watch on TV. I like to go to bed thinking the world is a good place and refrain from drinking alcohol if I’m working the next day…”

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