Huffington Post Blog – 14 January 2015 – My Resolution for 2015: To Sleep (and Dream… and Create)

Which critical idea or digital activity could have the greatest impact on your health and well-being in 2015? Is it an app? A wearable? A Mindfulness platform? After almost a decade of working with young people and their use of devices, and in e-Mental Health Services, I can confidently say to these options ‘none of the above’. They are the bandage, the sticking plaster for what has already become disturbed. For what can truly make a difference one really has to search hard for an idea that will past the ‘lift test’, one that can be conveyed in the 15 second elevator journey and bring genuine benefit to the year ahead.

Sleep disruption is one of the main symptoms reported by the young people I work with who are seeking help to control their use of games, Smartphones, tablets or laptops. The digital detox, for as long as it can be tolerated (nerves of steel required), always improves the amount and apparent quality of sleep – even for those who do not believe themselves to be addicted. Some recent research seems to indicate that similar improvements in concentration and mood, including a greater sense of ease, may all flow from the improved sleep…

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