Nightingale Hospital London is dedicated to delivering individually tailored, quality care for individuals aged 18 years and above. We provide treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder (BED), other specified feeding or eating disorder (OSFED) or avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID).

The eating disorders service at Nightingale Hospital is located in its own self-contained unit on Bendall Mews. This light and welcoming facility is equipped with nine bedrooms, all paired with a private ensuite. The unit is purpose built, and has its own kitchen, lounge and therapy rooms.

Our inpatient and day patient therapy programme consists typically of four therapy groups a day. These therapies provided are in line with NICE Guidelines, and include a CBT-E group, an emotional regulation group, a body image group and a nutrition group.

Eating disorder treatment

  • Offering a ‘stepped care’ model to ensure treatment is individualised for each patient
  • Specialised care across inpatient, outpatient and day patient settings
  • Treatment includes a mix of group, 1:1 and family therapy, psychiatric care, medical monitoring and dietetics
  • The multidisciplinary team is led by consultant psychiatrists who are supported by ward doctors, specialists nurses, dietitians and a specialist therapy team including psychologists, cognitive behavioural therapists, family therapists and occupational therapists
  • Expertly placed to manage patients who have comorbid illnesses
  • If necessary, patients can be fed via the nasogastric route

Eating disorders unit: An example therapy timetable

All patients in the eating disorders unit receive a mixture of group therapy, individual therapy and on referral, family therapy. Therapy can help you develop a better understanding of the function that the eating disorder has in your life and allow you to find constructive ways to move away from the eating disorder.

Click the photo below to download an example therapy timetable for our eating disorders unit.

Eating disorders unit: Walkthrough video tour

Funding treatment

Outpatient appointments, day therapy, and inpatient treatment at Nightingale Hospital can be accessed via private medical insurance or can be self-funded.

Nightingale Hospital is accredited by all major private medical health insurers and works with many different medical insurance and medical assistance companies from all over the world. In addition, the hospital accepts patients funded by embassies, corporate organisations, management companies, and other third parties. Prior to treatment, patients who are funding treatment via private medical insurance will be asked to provide policy details, so that their individual level of cover can be estimated and pre-authorisation for treatment obtained.

Self-funding patients will be required to provide a deposit before accessing day therapy or inpatient treatment.

Types of eating disorders that we treat

Next steps

I am a referrer

To refer one of your patients, you can complete our Online referral form. This form will be sent directly to our Patient Services Team who will contact you for any further information and to keep you updated on the referral progress.

If you would like to contact our Patient Services Team directly, below are the best contact details:

  • Email:
  • Direct line: +44 (0)20 7535 7732
  • Fax: +44 (0)20 7724 5976

I am an individual or loved one

  • Contact our Patient Services Team: Our Patient Services Team will ask you a number of questions so that they can best direct your enquiry. You can contact them via our enquiry form or call them directly on the details below:
    • Email:
    • Direct line: +44 (0)20 7535 7732
  • Have an assessment with one of our consultant psychiatrists: Each inpatient and day patient is under the care of one of our consultant psychiatrists. During an assessment, your consultant will look to understand your current mental and physical health as well as your history. This assessment will then inform the best treatment pathway for you.
  • Commence treatment: Depending on the outcome of your assessment, your consultant will then refer you to the most beneficial treatment pathway. This may include outpatient, day patient or inpatient treatment.

More information about eating disorder treatment at Nightingale Hospital

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To organise an outpatient assessment with one of our consultant psychiatrists or for any questions relating to admissions, fees and bed availability, please contact our Patient Services Team.

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