Dr Miriam Dookhun explains the importance of ‘good’ mental health

Although World Mental Health Day may have passed, Dr Miriam Dookhun explains why mental health for all humans is so vital.

With good mental health we can:

  • Make the most of our potential
  • Cope with usual life stressors
  • Manage change and tolerate uncertainty
  • Play a full part in life in the different roles we have and the contexts we are in, e.g. family, friendships, workplace, community.
  • Learn
  • Feel, express and manage different emotions
  • Form, develop and maintain healthy relationships with others and ourselves

However, mental health is not stagnant and it can change as life progresses and changes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also highlighted this in one way.

Lockdowns across the globe have shown that some people have developed new mental health problems, whilst many of those with existing mental health difficulties have talked about them worsening.

Mental health is about our emotional, psychological and social well-being. Mental health is a human right, and there is no health without mental health. 

We must continue to work to combat the stigma around mental health difficulties and have a greater investment in and greater access to mental health care everywhere for everybody.

Nobody should be denied access to mental health care.

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    Dr Miriam Dookhun

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“When you have a problem and you drink, take drugs or gamble, the problem won’t go away. Stay and tackle the problem”