Dr James Arkell features in British Vogue

Nightingale Hospital consultant psychiatrist Dr James Arkell features in the British Vogue article, ‘How To Mentally Prepare For A Second Lockdown According To A Therapist’.

In the article, London based psychotherapist Jane Haynes shares her advice on surviving another period of self-isolation, this time set against the backdrop of the nation’s winter months, a time when Seasonal Affective Disorder (‘SAD’) is rife.

The article also offers advice from Dr James Arkell regarding ‘home’ working and dealing with general lockdown blues.

“Make sure you punctuate your day with something that anchors you to the outdoor environment and connects you to someone else – a daily shared errand at an agreed time, for example. This is especially important for those working from home, to prevent the daily grind bleeding into the evening.”

The full article was originally posted on Vogue.

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