CPD Seminar Programme

Throughout the year, Nightingale Hospital London runs an Educational Seminar Programme for GPs and Occupational Health professionals. Our consultant psychiatrists and therapists present on a range of relevant mental health topics, new research findings and treatments. Events are free to attend and CPD certificates are provided.

What our attendees say

“I have been attending seminars run by the Nightingale for over 3 years and always find within the variety of subjects covered, something that fits into my working world. I attended an Eating Disorders Seminar in September with Dr Helen Murphy, Dr Joanna Silver and Dr Bijal Chheda-Varma and I gained a lot from this session. It provided a lot of valuable information on how to manage cases and of how to implement workplace adjustments for those patients affected.“


“We have had a few patients referred at very short notice and the team at Nightingale have been excellent in facilitating assessments and admissions. We have also had helpful reports sent back to us to assist in managing the patient from an OH perspective. Without reports our work is very difficult as we need impartial expert advice, this is reliably good in my experience from the Nightingale doctors.”

Occupational Health Manager, Central London

“I have found Nightingale CPD seminars to be highly relevant to clinical practice. The attendees represent a good skill mix and provide an opportunity to appreciate different roles and professions. The Q & A sessions are always helpful and my practice has become highly informed by the seminars. The meetings are also very useful when considering potential referrals and referral pathways.”

Dr John Keet, Wimpole Street, W1

“The seminars I have attended in 2016 have been very interesting and informative and I look forward to attending future Nightingale seminars.”

Dr Marie Amélie Lebel, GP at Doctorcall Medical Services, W1

“I have been attending the CPD seminars provided by Nightingale hospital for the last 8 years now. They are enjoyable and informative, the level of education provided is GP appropriate and the width of topics covered is excellent.”


“I am always really impressed with the level of care and attention which my patients receive at Nightingale Hospital, London. This is my go-to hospital for acute assessments and admissions and I have never been let down by the administration teams or the clinicians.”


The psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists are all skilled practitioners and excellent communicators, for whom nothing seems too much trouble. I have visited patients when they have been admitted and find the standard of care on the wards is excellent.”

Dr Elaine Tickle, GP at Tickle Medical Services, Harley Street, W1

“The Nightingale speakers are all very knowledgeable and I always learn a lot from attending the seminars. They are well organised and are held at locations which are easy to reach. The Nightingale staff are always very helpful and the seminars are a pleasure to attend.”

Dr Roozbeh Shroff, GP

“I find the CPD meetings very good and stimulating and highly relevant for the type of work that I do.”

Dr Michaela Schuhwerk, GP

Practice based seminars

In recognition of the fact that it may not always be possible to attend our seminars, we offer the option of surgery based presentations. Practice based seminars provide an opportunity to increase your knowledge of mental health issues in a way which is convenient with your surgery timetable. These seminars can be arranged as breakfast, lunch or evening meetings.

Agenda for practice based seminars

Each seminar lasts approximately 1 hour (unless a shorter time has been requested) and will consist of the following:

  • Theory relating to the session topic
  • Practical ways a GP can help their patients
  • Treatments available at Nightingale Hospital
  • Questions/Case Study Discussion

Topics for practice based seminars

The following are a selection of topics which our psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and therapists can present on. If you have a particular request please let us know.

  • Bipolar disorder spectrum – GPs beware
  • Reproductive psychiatry – prescribing psychiatric drugs across the reproductive cycle
  • Understanding panic attacks from a patient perspective
  • Alcohol, harmful use and dependence, how do we manage this?
  • Understanding Mindfulness and the supporting evidence for its effectiveness
  • The use of CBT in the treatment of anxiety and depression
  • Complex trauma: a case study
  • Psychological intervention in the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms
  • The challenge of recurrent depression – the schema therapy approach
  • The management of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Recent advances in psychiatry: assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults
  • Anxiety and depression – recent developments in psychopharmacology
  • Men and depression
  • The conundrum of psychosis and prescribing antipsychotics with confidence
  • Assessment and management of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • In search of a diagnosis – the challenge of medically unexplained symptoms
  • Personality disorder & depression: mad, bad and sad
  • Mental health at work: what GPs need to know
  • Women and mental health
  • Beyond CBT – new developments in evidence based therapies
  • Optimising recovery from a major depressive episode
  • Internet addiction disorder: myth or reality?
  • What is EMDR? What is its role in treating psychological conditions
  • Mental disorder and litigation – a double edged sword
  • The management of generalised anxiety disorders
  • GP interventions in eating disorders
  • 20 years of excess benzodiazepine prescribing: how do we manage this now?

All attendees will receive a copy of the presentation, hospital service brochures, referrer’s directory and a CPD certificate.

“The Nightingale speakers are all very knowledgeable and I always learn a lot from attending the seminars. They are well organised and are held at locations which are easy to reach. The Nightingale staff are always very helpful and the seminars are a pleasure to attend.”
Dr Roozbeh Shroff, GP